"A wonderfully tragic and often painful coming of age story ... a modern day Scarlet Letter."

—Author Jeannie Palmer, Shattered


""Told in lyrical prose that's almost poetry in places, Little 15 is an engrossing page turner."

—Award-winning Author Paul Hollis, The Hollow Man


"A tough little book that was banned from a literary event once the powers that be actually read it and realized what it was about. Cowards."

—Award-Winning Author Patricia Burroughs, Scandalous


"Mesmerizing ... this story will make a great movie, kind of like a darker Juno." 

—Amazon Best-Selling Author E.L. Farris


Ms. Saye has writing chops to spare. But it's more than just a good book, and she's more than just a good writer. She and Little 15 are messengers.

—Author Bobbi L. Parish, Create Your Personal Spiritual Text


"Reading Little 15 is equal to watching a massive train wreck, you know it's going to be a disaster where everything is going to be destroyed but you can't look away ... 5 stars without question."

—Author/Playwrite Thomas Amo, An Apple for Zoë

The story is so real, so frightening real, you feel the emotion in the words as they are spoken … absolutely loved it.”

—Mandy Anderson, I Read Indie


Like many readers, I believe that stories can change the world and salvage lives, if even for one person. Little 15 is one of those stories.

—Author August McLaughlin, In Her Shadow